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Public Affairs

Your reliable partner in understanding Slovenia’s and EU’s political and regulatory  ecosystem and how it impacts your business today and in the future.

Public (corporate) affairs is becoming ever more relevant and essential in advising companies to make the right strategic decisions at the right time. Through thought-provoking ideas and actions, we help you co-shape public, social and political opinion and express views and positions on current and future regulatory proposals.

Our expertise:

    • Issues’ Tracker: monitor, predict and assess current and future economic, societal, political and regulatory issues and trends.
    • Public Affairs: develop and assist in implementing meaningful public affairs strategies and action plans.
    • Advocacy: advise on and provide advocacy support for a specific regulatory issue, both at the national and EU level.
    • Stakeholders’ engagement: understand, identify and engage with key stakeholders.

Strategic Communications

Strategic communications at a corporate level are both a bulwark and a building block of a reputation of any company, organization, institution and their management.

Our expertise:

  • Strategic corporate communications: develop and assist in implementing meaningful strategies and action plans.
  • Internal communications: advise on best approaches to impactful internal communications.
  • Crisis management and communications: advise, lead and/or provide support in managing crisis situations and crisis communications.
  • Communications Trainings: organize media / public speaking trainings.

Management & Business Consulting

Management & business consulting brings an external, fresh and objective view to help you looking at the challenges, obstacles and opportunities from a different perspective.

With innovative and creative approaches, knowledge and experience sharing and mentoring you will find ways to give new, added value to your products or services and to stand out from the crowds, to enter new markets, to pivot to new busines opportunities.

Our expertise:

    • Management & Business Consulting: assess, explore and find improvements in the existing business models and pivot to new business opportunities, solutions and processes.
    • Compliance: develop effective compliance management systems, advise on its implementation and organize internal compliance-related trainings.
    • Mentoring: 1-2-1 mentoring for individuals, future leaders and management teams. Advise on developing and implementing mentoring programs.